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Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment that fulfills social, emotional, and academic needs and builds problem solving and leadership skills that equip children and youth to emerge from poverty.

We Believe

  • Education is the only true path out of poverty

  • Problem solving abilities and life skills are critical to future success

  • Children must take responsibility for their own learning, growth, life goals, and path to success

  • Providing help without developing dependence builds strength

Strength for the Journey is committed to all children in Jamao, regardless of faith, race, political affiliation, or economic status. We will provide free after school classes that meet local academic needs while filling in gaps and providing enrichment opportunities.

Recognizing that early childhood education is critical to avoid future academic deficiencies and to give children a social, emotional, and academic boost, we will enroll children preschool age through kindergarten in our bilingual colegio. Using the most current educational methodology and materials, we will offer an early education unsurpassed in the local area and beyond. Depending on capacity all children are welcome

In addition to our bi-lingual pre-school kindergarten we also offer:

  • Family-centered activities, bi-monthly roller skating nights, karate, Zumba, etc.

  • Enrichment and Reinforcement Classes during after-school hours and summer months


About Us

Our Story - Strength for the Journey

Our Story - Strength for the Journey

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Support Us

Without monetary resources, we cannot purchase learning materials, hire teachers,
and manage all that goes into teaching classes and running a small school. 

If you would like your donation to be a scholarship to support a child’s education, you may specify so on your donation. Or, if you want us to use it to purchase learning materials or furniture such as desks, feel free to indicate that on your donation.



If you prefer to send a check, you may do so at:

Strength for the Journey
PO Box 51
Port Clinton, OH. 43452


Donation of educational items and supplies.

You may also decide to send us educational supplies or items. Please contact us to
learn what is needed and how to handle shipping.


Serve as a board or advisory member
Participating as a decision making member does not take up much time. For a few
hours a year you can help give us direction and help make decisions. Please contact us
if you are interested.



Volunteering with us is a life-changing experience. You will have the chance to work with children living in the Dominican Republic, be integrated into the mountain community, and experience the rich culture where many live as their ancestors did a century ago.

Our children and students love the participation of volunteers and the unique skills, experiences, and culture they share with the local community. While you are supporting them educationally, they are growing from interacting with you and all the differences and similarities that you share.

Our History

Strength for the Journey was formed in 2010 as a small group of 8 women interested in hands-on philanthropy in some of the world’s most challenged communities. Our experiences eventually taught us that education is the one element that can create capacities for the poor to change life’s course.

Pooling our knowledge with experience, we envisioned communities transformed through an education encompassing thinking, planning, problem-solving, and leadership skills.


For ease of management and accountability across continents, our committed group split into two cooperative non-profits, one in the United States and the other in the Dominican Republic. Each legal non-profit has its separate board of directors that mutually support one another and our cause.

Together, we benefit from worldwide support of education to eliminate poverty in the mountain area of Jamao al Norte in the Dominican Republic.

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Contact Us

DR Address

Strength for the Journey
Calle al Play
Jamao al Norte

1 (849) 915-1581

US Address

Strength for the Journey
P.O. Box 51
Port Clinton, OH. 43452

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